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Blond czech boy and Czech Hunter 2
Blond czech boy and Czech hunter 2
Czech Hunter 32
Czech hunter 32
Do you know what is best about Theme parks? There are a lot of young guys. And I have a new hobby. I like to buy their underwear. Yes. And I already collected a lot. Maybe we should sell them here online? Anyway. Yesterday afternoon I went(...)
Czech Hunter 24
Czech hunter 24
I love shopping-center. They are one of the best places to find some younger guys who regularly love to hang around. But today the center was quite empty. So I entered the supermarket and finally I found some nice boy. He wanted to cook so(...)
Czech Hunter 42
Czech hunter 42
I still remember when I was like 14 years old. My older brother often went with me to the lido in Holesovice, a public open-air pool. When I saw all the cute boys there just in their tight swimwear I realized that I was gay. Even today it (...)
Czech Hunter 30
Czech hunter 30
Sometimes it`s just all about luck. I just started my hunt today when I saw a young boy watching a showcase in a small mall. He was alone so I immediately approached him. I noticed that my cam sometimes makes the boys nervous. So this time(...) presents: CZECH HUNTER 38 presents: CZECH hunter 38
Click here to watch video Finally it's summer here in Prague. The boys look so good in their shorts. A perfect time for hunting. First I stopped a quite cute guy on the street near my apartment. I offeredContinue reading (...)
Czech Hunter 33
Czech hunter 33
My friend Honza knows that I love to look for boys at the train station. He thinks I do it because it is easier. But that`s only half of the truth. On the other hand you find all kind of people there. And all kinds of people means all kind(...) presents: Czech Hunter 39 presents: Czech hunter 39
See the video HERE! Not even 500 meters away from my home is a wonderful park. It`s a perfect place to find boys. In winter and now in summer even more. I noticed that it is a good ideaContinue reading(...)
Czech Hunter 40
Czech hunter 40
After my latest success in the nearby park I tried my luck at the tram station in front of it. I approached two young guys and I was quite straight forward. Both boys have been polite but they resisted my offers. Well, on a tram station pe(...)
Czech Hunter 31
Czech hunter 31
I am always careful when I approach two guys at the same time. Most of them are cool. Some just take it as fun but some reactreally friendly. Nonetheless I saw this very attractive guy together with his friend walking down my street. (...)